The OST On-Camera Acting class has been hard at work on this collective project, a sci-fi suspense web-series: Left Behind.

Episode 1 – The Door : A group of young friends stumble unto a bizarre trap door leading to nowhere. when strange lights and sounds come from this strange door the gang runs off scared. one of the friends Gabe is no longer with the group when they arrive at school.

Episode 2 – Happy Anniversary :  A year later, Gabe is still missing, the group’s dynamic has changed a lot: they aren’t as close as they once were. They return to the door and to their surprise, it is open again. Shawn hears voices has a vision of Gabe.

Episode 3 – That Was Weird : – Frank (The voice in Shawn’s head) returns and believes it might not be the only thing living in Shawns mind anymore. Meanwhile, after bumping into Shawn, Ashleys phone bugs out before she receives a series of strange and creepy texts. When she confronts the  sender, they have no idea they existed. Frank, the figment of Shawn’s imagination, disappears. Things just keep getting weirder for these kids.

Episode 4 – A Losing Battle : Frank and Gabe are caught in a power struggle over Shawn’s mind and body. Gabe is winning, using Shawn to seek vengeance from the kids who abandoned her when the door opened and she disappeared. A new student arrives and begins piecing this mystery together.